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Monday, 4 October 2010

The UK Tax Gap Visualized

The UK Tax Gap Visualized: "

The Tax Gap Visualized - Information Is Beautiful The Tax Gap is the difference between tax collected and the potential tax out there.

In the UK, official figures put it at a massive £42bn ($65bn). But unofficial researchers claim it could be as much as £105bn ($164bn) or more.

Offshore tax havens. Clever avoidance tactics. Corporate evasion. See how it all stacks up in my latest visualisation for the Guardian Datablog.

See our organised data here: http://bit.ly/taxgap


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  1. As an accountant, I saw first hand the effort in a large audit firms to develop strategies to save our customers money in taxes. Since taxpayer myself, I always had problems with that. But a small work, I had no input or influence the process.