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Monday, 2 February 2009

Groove Armada embrace Social Media

Groove Armada reveals sharing plans for Bacardi digital EP

Groove Armada announced its plans for digital distribution of its upcoming EP, which is being released through a partnership with Bacardi. And it definitely is a new idea. The EP will be sold on regular download stores from March 2, but there is also be a dedicated website, B-LIVE Share, which is up and running now.

You can download the EP’s first track for free, but to get the second one you have to share it with 20 friends, via email or a Facebook widget. To get the third track, you have to reach 200 shares of track one, and to get track four, you need 2,000 shares - although downloads from friends of your friends (and friends of your friends of your friends) count towards your total too.

We love the idea and the implementation. we’re just hoping we love the tunes now. The promotion only runs for 40 days, though - it ends when the EP goes on proper sale, and people with the highest share-counts locally and globally will get prizes. If you want to give it a try (while giving our share-count a bump), click here. Meanwhile, B-LIVE appears to be a Bacardi thing rather than just a Groove Armada thing, raising the prospect that other artists could distribute music through it too.

Oh, there’s also an embeddable widget too, see below:

stu has shared an exclusive Groove Armada track with 0 people on B-Live Share

Get the track for yourself and start sharing

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