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Monday, 2 February 2009

Still love this Heineken viral

Heineken Beer Fridge Freakout

Do giddy guys make you want to get your suds on?

YouTube BrandWatch invites you to vote on how Heineken’s brand fares from this high-culture/low-culture mash-up in a recent Dutch-language ad.

Name: Heineken Walk-In Fridge
Stats: We're just two weeks into 2009, but there's already a runaway viral hit on YouTube. It's in Dutch, but that's no matter. Posted to YouTube in the final days of December, the ad (it`s been posted over 60 times) has already generated over 2 million viewings and over 1,400 comments. The one we include here has collected almost 1.5 million views and over 1,200 text comments.
What you see: A smartly dressed woman proudly shows her three girlfriends around her spacious new home. First we see a commodious lounge, then the bedroom, and, finally, she opens a door leading into a massive walk-in closet. Cue high-pitched squeals of female delight. But the glee is cut short. We hear an even bigger roar coming from another part of the house. It's unmistakably male. Cut to the proud male showing his pals the walk-in fridge, stacked floor to ceiling with Heinekens. His jubilant buddies drown out the ladies with their hoots and howls.
Takeout/Takeaway: Already more than 430 bloggers have been buzzing about this ad in just the past two weeks, pretty impressive when you consider the actors are speaking Dutch, a tip-off it's playing in Heineken's home market first. The online buzz will no doubt precede the ad when/if it hits the English-speaking airwaves.
Social Media Effect: Humorous beer ads from years past—think Budweiser's ”Wazzup!”— are a huge hit on YouTube, still discussed actively today by nostalgic fans. Heineken may have just moved into the unofficial "funniest ever" debate with this one. They may not even need to translate it from Dutch.

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