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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Best of the web – October

Best of the web – October: "


Best of the web is a London Cyclist monthly series that highlights the best cycling content from around the web. We go out there and find all of the best bits so you don’t have to!

This months London Cycling News

It has been an unbelievably busy month news wise. Let’s go back to the 4th of October when a cycle route from London to Paris was announced. It is hoped the majority of the route will be off road. More good news came from the Peak District which is due to receive £1.25m of extra funding from Cycling England. It is the national park nearest to most of England and already boasts great cycling.

It’s not all good news however, the cycle superhighway we have been told is only going to be 1.5 metres wide at some points. Far from the optimal width for cycling. The bigger disappointment has been the Mayor’s Transport Plan which set a pretty meagre target of 5% of journeys done by bike by 2026. Finally the Cycle to Work scheme has been expanded and wants to offer a guarantee to employees that when they arrive at work they will have all the facilities they need.

It has been a busy month petition wise. There has been the 3feet2pass petition, the Sustrans petition to put cyclist safety first and the rally to tell people to write to their MP and stop Boris from closing down the HGV inspection unit.

From the blogosphere

Best of London Cyclist

Bargain bin!

  • There is various good discounts out at the moment in the bike shops both Evans and Wiggle have 20% off their bike lights. If you haven’t got one already then pick one up while there is discounts.
  • Evans also have 15% off Rainwear.

I’ll leave this month behind with this great video from Danny. I just hope everyone enjoys their daily commute as much as this:


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