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Friday, 26 March 2010

The Index Page

The Index Page: "

…could not be a less enticing title, so let’s cut right to the awesome it enables:

Those are all just standard Bandcamp-powered sites. The second two use the new image map feature to add site navigation to the custom header. But all three use the new index page feature to display a selection of releases when fans go to your site, rather than just bringing them straight to your latest release.

Setting up an index page is simple — look for the “index” link in the gray bar at the top of your site:

After you click it, you’ll see a page like this one:

We pre-populate the grid with your existing catalog, but you can customize the page to highlight just a few releases, adjust their order, and so on. Click the plus/minus icons in the yellow bar to add or remove rows and columns. Click the “x” icon in the lower right of any release to remove it. And click the Set button in any cell to pick the release you want there:

To actually make the index page what people see when they go to yourband.bandcamp.com (or yourcustomdomain.com), click the “…to see this index page instead, click here” link in the yellow header, or go to your Profile page and look for the new section labeled “Home Page”:

Once again we’d love to see what you guys come up with, so please point us toward your efforts in the comments!

P.S. The “change” link next to your band name in the Set Index Cell dialog lets you put any release on Bandcamp on your index page, rather than restricting it to just your own releases. In the next post, we’ll look at how a label can use this to power their roster’s music pages.


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