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Sunday, 11 April 2010

alicia keys on tinternet

alicia keys on tinternet: "

Advertising will always involve dramatisation. And it should. But if traditional, broadcast dramatisation was about ’showing’, then online dramatisation is about ‘using’. Like this: Alicia Keys using Monster.com to find a blogger.

“Grammy Award-winning musician Alicia Keys is looking for a new blogger for her website IAAS.com (I Am Super) and she’s teaming up with Monster.com to find the right candidate.”

This is a perfect example. A pedestrian product (by which I mean valuable in everyday life, rather than sensational) being used for its correct purpose but with an A-list twist. Makes total sense to me. I’m not sure this video CTA feels right though…

Part of the appeal of this campaign is the sense that the tools we use are being used for much more exciting purposes. The above video of Ms Keys will get views, but does it take something away from the core idea? I think it does a little – because the video appeal almost renders the use of Monster unnecessary. Nice stuff, amyway.

Read the full article over at Mashable.


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