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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Cool: Celebrate Pixar’s UP on Blu-ray and DVD with Awesome Pixar Atrium Art

Cool: Celebrate Pixar’s UP on Blu-ray and DVD with Awesome Pixar Atrium Art: "

So I was on Facebook chatting it up, doing the stalking thing trying to meet girls and I was looking at some of group pages thats when I found on the Disney Pixar fan page some really cool atrium art from the latest Pixar film UP, getting released on Blu-ray and DVD November 10, 2009. What better way to celebrate the home entertainment release of the film with some amazing art!

I thought I was going to have to reach out to my Disney contact to find out who is responsible for these amazing pieces and then I remembered I had seen similar art before on artist Eric Tan’s website! Eric has been written about all over the internet and is regularly featured at our pals /Film on their Cool Stuff feature.

Tan grew up in San Diego and according to his profile he is a “Designer/Doodler. Grew up in the sleepy town of San Diego. Suffers from narcolepsy. When not working or sleeping…or sleeping at work, I usually have a skateboard, a snowboard, or a burrito in hand.”

Here is what Tan had to say about his art for UP and seeing the film.

“I finally got to see the finished film and to say that I loved it would almost seem like an understatement. It absolutely blew me away which says a lot because one of the perks of working with Disney and Pixar is getting to see the film at various stages of production. To get that access is amazing but at the same time, it’s difficult to see the final film with fresh eyes. More often than not, I find myself concentrating on the changes they made rather than the film as a whole. I knew early on that Up was a special film. Even in early storyboard form, it already had all the strong emotional and comedic elements. I guess it was so good that even after round after round of screening it, it really held up and continued to grow and resonate more and more with me. I can’t wait to see it again…for the umpteenth time. It’s definitely an honor to get to work on a tiny part of the awesomeness called UP.”

If you are interested in buying any of Tan’s art for this film or any of the others he has done (he has some great Wall*E art as well as Indiana Jones) you can get it on ACME direct but it is a little pricy but something tells me its worth it. My personal favorite is the Dug one, because he is the coolest character ever in a movie!, Squirrel!

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