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Sunday, 27 September 2009


Gourmet: "The Sneaker game in the last 3 years has definitely changed up, as we see more and more relatively newer life style fashion orientated brands come through trying to battle it out for our feet, trying to go along side some of o.g power houses that having been running the sneaker game for years. Picture 12 So with that said, I cant lie I haven't really been feeling to many of the up and coming companies that having been producing there own in house kicks. But in recent months I think I've come across one of my favorite newer companies who producers sneakers, and they are a company called be Gourmet. I can't lie I'm most probably am a bit late to company and its roots in fashion etc, as I only found out about them through this blog a few months back. But actually seeing them on a few people out and about over the summer months and inspecting a pair a few weeks back in a show room. I must say I'm very very impressed with them. The brand uses influences from Italian and Italian-American culture, from old world Italy and its grand tradition of men’s wear tailoring with luxe fabrics and trends that have driven the fashion market. (Many of us may remember the Gourmet drop some time back down at Good Hood) Picture 7 What I like about the brand is ability it has to match quality with good looks. Which Isn't as easy as it seems, which we evidently see through a lot of other brands who haven't really been able to grasp that skill of producing both style and quality in one shoe. I must state a few companies are waking up to this factor now though, peep the Hundreds Johnson Mid in mid Grey, straight fire in my opinion. I've been looking for that sneaker other than a pair of vans authentic's which I can actually put with a smarter looking outfit. And I must say many of the Gourmet shoes easily fill that void. Picture 9 Ok maybe I'm just being extra there is quite a few simple shoes out there that work with smart fits, but I don't think they ooz as much quality as most of the Gourmet collection does. Many of the shoes in the fall collection would sit perfectly with a pair of chinos and a shirt or some dark denim and heavy outer piece such as a pea coat or parka. Picture 8 The Gourmet footwear collection epitomizes the brand’s duality and ingenuity by referencing iconic American casual shapes and remixing them in high-end fabrications. The line combines technical and athletic elements like air technology and memory foam insoles that mingle with epi leather from a french tannery, hand-woven custom canvases, crinkled high gloss-patent and pig skin leathers. the results are signature Gourmet wholly new yet vaguely familiar. All images except the first, have been taken from the Gourmet fall 09 look book. there are a lot more styles and color ways within the collection. Picture 11 Available now over at Good Hood and many other outlets including Selfridges and Poste but if you want more information or knowledge on where to pick up a pair. info can be obtained from girl Annoushka through email (annoushka@anumberofnames.org) or by just (click) Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

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