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Monday, 28 September 2009

Who wants to go and see the Mormons?

Who wants to go and see the Mormons?: "


These days, circuses are more about the animals than the bearded child, the twelve-foot transsexual, and the pederast midget. This has left a gawp-shaped hole in the entertainment industry, one which, in America, is currently being filled thanks to Warren S. Jeffs. The recently incarcerated Mormon polygamist leader is the hot shit in America’s tourist industry. Ever since a raid on his Yearning for Zion Mormon ranch last year – which involved the confiscation of over 400 kids following accusations of wacky sexual traditions – the American west has become the epicentre of fundamentalist polygamist tourism. Man, England has such shitty cultural oddities; going to watch morris dancers just isn’t as good as visiting religious rape factories. (...) Read the rest of Who wants to go and see the Mormons? (204 words)

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