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Friday, 25 September 2009

Mixcloud goes public

Mixcloud goes public: "
The London-based outfit who have been working on a 'YouTube of radio' for the past long time have moved out of invitation-only to everybody-welcome. Yes folks, welcome Mixcloud to the big scary world. I've been talking to co-founder Nikhil Shah about the model, and how it could be developed, for what seems the best part of a year now. We shared BETA invites on this blog back in March, too. So I'm hoping you enjoy how it's shaping up and recommend you give it a go if you haven't already. Nikhil says: 'Mixcloud is democratic – anyone can upload to the site and the listeners decide who get exposed. It is social – with lots of great features to share and discover radio through friends. Finally it is personal – the team are busy in the lab working on cool radio recommendation algorithms that help users find shows they love.' Mixcloud places value on the quality of expert curation individual people (presenters) can bring - a role the media industry is desperate to continue to play. Related articles by Zemanta
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