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Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Hidden Benefits Of Music Promotion

The Hidden Benefits Of Music Promotion: "
In this article we explore the various benefits that promoting your music can offer. We look at the immediately obvious advantages - such as DJs providing comments you can use in your marketing - and also consider some of the less immediately obvious ‘hidden’ benefits, such as licensing and additional work offers. These benefits are all things that I have experienced firsthand at Kahua Music Promotions.
DJ and Radio Plays
One of the key advantages of promoting your music to club DJs and radio DJs is that they will play it and hence put it in front of potential customers. There is such a wealth of music available now that recommendation is becoming increasingly important when people make purchases. Therefore having your music played in clubs, used in DJ mixes and podcasts, and played on radio is a great way of reaching a large audience and taking advantage of the endorsement from respected individuals.
DJ Comments, Charts and Magazine Reviews
In exactly the same way as having the music played out, getting comments from DJs, being included in charts and being reviewed in magazines is another great form of recommendation. DJ comments can be used in your sales notes for stores and distributors and also in your own marketing materials. DJ charts, particularly those on download stores are big sales drivers and inclusion in these can have a massive influence. Similarly magazine and website reviews are an excellent source of recommendation as well as being read by thousands of potential customers.
General Profile
While music promotions are often targeted towards boosting a specific release, the impact it has on your overall profile and reputation should not be underestimated. Consistently sending your music to tastemakers helps to build a relationship and will improve the chances that they will support it.
Professional Appearance and Credibility
Investing money to promote your music means greater professional credibility; those who receive it will view it in a more favourable light because of the way the music is presented. Spending money on promotions demonstrates that you are serious about making a success of your label and artists, and therefore should be treated with importance.
Larger Scale Radio and Magazine Features
One way that building up your overall profile, appearance, credibility and trust with tastemakers can manifest itself is in requests from magazines or radio to run larger features on your artists or label. This may include interviews, guest mixes and profile pieces; all things which can have a large impact of spreading the message further.
Compilation licenses can prove a very valuable source of income for record labels and naturally DJs compiling such mixes are often looking for upfront material. By consistently promoting your music you can increase the chances of your music being licensed. Several record labels promoting their music through Kahua have seen that the income generated from a license can easily cover the cost of undertaking the promotional activities. Furthermore, if you are successful in having a track synchronised to film/TV, an advert or computer game the income generated can be much greater.
Remixes and Production Work Offers
Sending your music to other DJs and producers (who are often record label owners as well) can also lead to additional offers of work. At Kahua we are regularly contacted by record label owners and artists asking to be put in touch with other artists they have heard and liked through our services.

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